When Will the Punishment End?

Harbour Area Halfway Houses offers not only housing for women reentering society, but also the services these women need as they move beyond their incarcerated status to providing for themselves and their families.  Founded in 1971 by Dorothy Hoffman and under the directorship of Monica Stel since 1998, these homes are administrated adhering to the principles of teamwork, respect and parity for each and every woman who passes through the doors. This housing complex consists of: Hoffman House which serves as a humane option to prison for women serving their final months; Holland House, a transitional home for women within a structured yet democratically-run independent living space; and Houston House, a “community-based facility” for first-time convicted women who hold jobs and maintain relations with family members.

Harbour Area Halfway Houses is more than just a home to many returning women

When you treat people with dignity and respect ... you

get the results of that…When you treat people abusively, when you power over and perpetuate against them...you get the results of

that. We are all responsible for each other. There’s no

other way to do it.