When Will the Punishment End?

A New Way of Life Reentry Project has provided a chance at a new start for many women.

Susan Burton understands the experience of coming out of prison and finding little opportunity to rebuild one’s life. Hence, her commitment to help other women facing the hardships she herself encountered. With a vision of a safe haven for women coming out of prison and their children, Ms. Burton founded A New Way of Life Reentry Project located in the Watts neighborhood of South Los Angeles, which offers housing to an average of 40 women and their children, along with providing legal services, job training, and 12-step meetings and workshops  (e.g., meditation and acupuncture). Susan Burton, recipient of numerous awards—including CNN HERO and the 2012 Purpose Award—has, with her extraordinary vision, created a model for others to follow.

When do I get to participate wholly in my community and in my

 life? When does the punishment end?