When Will the Punishment End?

"When will we have the

chance to be equal?

Not special...

just equal?"

“When Will the Punishment End?” is a documentary by Dr. Marta López-Garza about formerly incarcerated women and the issues they face upon returning to society.

1. What are the factors that support women’s efforts to rebuild their lives?

2. What are the barriers to their efforts?


At the crux of this documentary are two simple questions:

In the process of making this film, we discovered that not only are the formerly incarcerated feared and discriminated against, but that they are also barred, through legal and authoritative means, from the opportunities and services they need. As Stormie, one of the women featured in the documentary stated, “We don’t want special treatment. We just want to be treated equally.”


The women we met have served their time in prison, they’ve paid their debt, but they face intolerance and legal barriers. The women long for freedom from the stigma of their status as formerly incarcerated. They ask “When will the punishment end?”


We hope that viewing this modest endeavor will touch you and that you, in turn, will share this with others. Send it far and wide. Help us spread the word that formerly incarcerated women need and deserve the opportunity to rebuild their lives.


Along with the 60 minute documentary, When Will the Punishment End? and its 2:41 minute trailer, we have links to the organizations featured in this documentary: Harbour Area Halfway Houses, Homeboy Industries/Homegirl Café, A New Way of Life, and Time for Change Foundation.